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Assume that you have programmed the system by editing many parameters including web server settings and saved these. For any reason, Login ID, password and HTTP port number have been forgotten and it is not possible to reconnect to the web server of the system. The requirement is to reconnect to the system (or reset the web server settings) without loosing any other parameters, which are previously set.

First step is to restart the system with factory default settings (see below internal links). When the system starts up, the factory default IP address of the system is and the port address is 80. There is no login ID or password for web browser connection.

Connect to the system with a web browser (, port 80, no login ID and password). Operate the WsReset command or link in Homepage.

Important: Never operate Save command after WsReset. Otherwise, previously programmed and stored programs are erased. You must reboot the system just after operating WsReset command.

Next step is to Reboot (or power down and up) the system. In order order to reboot the system, click on Reboot link in Homepage Control Program paragraph.

Then the system starts up with all the parameters, which are previously programmed, but:

  • without any Login ID (name)
  • without any password
  • HTTP port as 80

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