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Assuming the operator to be used in a route, click on Edit button in Used in route row in Common properties page. That opens Route properties page.

In Route properties page, select Campon with system message in Divert routed calls row as shown below.

In Account properties of trunks, from which calls are routed to the operator, edit 840nn, where nn has to be the Auto Attendant Id. to be used. To illustrate, for Auto attendant Id 0, edit nn as 00 as shown below.

In Auto Attendant list page, select the relevant Attendant Id to be edited.

That opens Auto Attendant properties page as shown below. Assign system messages for RouteCmp msg.1 (for the first, i.e. oldest in the queue), RouteCmp msg.2, RouteCmp msg.3, RouteCmp msg.4, RouteCmp msg.5, RouteCmp msg.* (camped calls with queue number 6 or more). In example below, system messages assigned for these are 17, 31, 32, 33, 34, and 35. Record proper messages. Usually these messages will indicate queue numbers to camped calls like "You will be connected soon. You are first in the que......"

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