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Telesis revision 5 and 6 systems have 100 hr capacity DVR hardware. DVR may be used for various purposes, such as:

For VMail service, Telesis system should have recorded system messages 09,10, 11, and 12. System message recording may be done either with using "message record law (860 by factory default) + message number nn" or uploading a prepared voice file (mono Windows PCM wav format in 16-bit, 8 kHz sampled, limited to max. 10 minutes)

Any user may get the benefits of VMail service provided that a message quota has been assigned. Message quota can be assigned in Account properties page in terms of minutes as shown below.

Any subscriber with assigned message quota may activate VMail service with using Vmail record law for unconditional, busy, unanswered calls.

Usage: "Call forwarding law (by factory defaults; 850 for unconditional, 851 for busy, 852 for no answer) + VMail record law (868 by factory default)". To illustrate, if a user wish to forward incoming calls (that he does not answer) to the VMail service, he should dial 852868 for activation.

When VMail service is active and operational, the calling party hears system message 09. Then, the calling party may either dial 0 to call another user or dial 1 to leave a VMail mesage.

If the user (with VMail left on his box) has 480 model phones, LCD screen alarms to user. Furthermore; any user (analog, digital, etc.) with VMail hear system message 12 when he goes off-hook. While hearing the system message 12 (alarming that there is a VMail in the box), if the user dials "VMail play law (by factory default 864) and his password (if defined)", he can listen left VMail messages in his box. After each VMail, system message 11 is played to the users. The user may either dial 1 to erase the listened VMail and start to listen the next one or dial 0 to keep the listened VMail and start to listen the next one.

VMail activated users may also record their personal greeting messages instead of system message 09. To record personal greeting message, the user should dial "Personal greeting law (by factory default 865) + 1". To erase personal greeting message, the user should dial "Personal greeting law (by factory default 865) + 0".

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