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Usually, configuring the NAT does not need much experience. However, some NATs may not initiate bindings for some H.323 messages or they may not perform binding well. It is a complication, which will appear especially for end to end H.323 VoIP communication, if the messages containing the private address are routed to the public domain. When the remote endpoint receives the private address, it will attempt to transmit to this address and the connection will fail since these addresses are un-routable in the public domain. As a result the performance the NAT equipment limits the overall performance of the operation.

If the Telesis system is operating behind a NAT equipment with bindings but the NAT equipment fails to translate declared IP addresses in messages sent, then Declare external IP address checkbox should be marked in H.323 voip settings page.

In such case, the Telesis system discovers the public IP address and declares the source IP address as this one when signaling with non local peer entities. To have proper operation, DNS server IP address in Basic Ethernet settings page should also be set.

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