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When to Install Licenses

  • In your original purchase order, you may indicate your exact configuration and licenses to be installed for a particular Telesis system and we may ship the system with these licenses installed at the factory accordingly. This procedure applies for all Telesis Stillink systems. Stillink ordering codes bear information about which licenses have to be installed at the factory.
  • You may install a Telesis system without any licenses in it. After being sure that the system is fully functional, you may send us your license request file (with the extension XID) prepared for this particular system for licensing. Then we return you with the XOP file to license this particular system. This procedure is the most common one for all Telesis systems except Stillink ones.
  • You may need to increase or add licenses in a system having already some licenses in it. Then you may send us the XID file prepared for this particular system for license expansion. Then, we return you with the XOP file to expand the licenses for this system.

Installing Licenses at the Factory

The license data is stored in non-volatile memories of the Telesis system. In your purchase order, you should clearly indicate which options (or licenses) to be installed into which Telesis system. Your purchase order should contain ordering codes of both hardware and requested licenses, or ordering codes of Stillink systems.

Viewing Installed Licenses

To view installed licenses, access to Requested-Installed licenses page. Read next paragraphs to learn more.

Creating License Request File with the Telesis System

To create a license request file within the Telesis system, click on License link in Homepage.

Then, Requested-Installed licenses page opens. This page is used for:

  • viewing installed licenses, and
  • creating a license request file (*.XID) within the system.

Each listed license has a textbox (editable text field) right to it. And, right to these textboxes, there are non-editable fields indicating the availability or the quantity of the currently installed licenses. Features that have not been licensed expire after a short time period following the power-up of the system. However, some security related features like media encryption and automatic voice recording never operate, even for a short time, unless they are licensed.

While creating your license request file within the Telesis system, help links in each row will assit you. Fill-in the editable textboxes and then click on button in the same page. The result is a license request file, which is created within this Telesis system. Next step is downloading this request file and sending it to Telesis A.S.

Downloading License Request File (in order to send it to Telesis A.S.)

To download the created license request file from the relevant Telesis system, click on License link in Homepage Download paragraph.

Save the XID file in your computer and send it to Telesis A.S. to order the requested licenses. Telesis A.S. returns the liecense file with the extension XOP, which has to be uploaded onto this particular Telesis system. Be aware that the XID file and the Telesis-generated XOP file are unique files for a particular Telesis system. So, the XOP file can only be used for the Telesis system from which the XID file has been created.

Uploading Telesis-generated License File

To upload Telesis-generated license file onto the Telesis system, click on License link in Homepage Upload paragraph.

When the upload is completed, open Requested-Installed licenses page to check if your requested licenses or options have been installed correctly.

Important Note: XID and XOP files are your property. Please keep them safe as a pair and also note the ID of the system somewhere safe. To remind you, this information may be necessary for after-sales or maintenance services.

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