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Version 161223

  • Support for NTP (Network Time Protocol)

Version 161023

  • Support for transmitting text messages to Dect 8660 model handsets

Version 160804

  • Support for DTS7 digital phone.

Version 160802

  • Listing of call pickup group members is possible as txt file in Common Properties.
  • Listing call class of user is possible as txt file in Common Properties.
  • When a new SIP user added, its Common Properties page automatically opens with account name and auth. is as being the same as access code of the user. Default security profile is set to Digest authentication, all local IP addresses are accepted. That makes adding new local SIP users (lile SIP phones) easier.
  • By default, SIP and H.323 visitors use Routing Criteria Table 30, instead of 00.

Version 160602

  • LDAP server is embedded into Xymphony.
  • A new field Ldap signaling port is available in Basic Ethernet settings page. By default, it is 389.
  • Xymphony LDAP server makes its Directory to be available for LDAP clients like Telesis SIP phones or Telesis IP Dect systems or compatible clients.

Version 160513

  • Support for the next generation DTS7 digital phones.
  • Support for call intrude and disconnect functions for PAX systems.
  • Trunk ports may also use functions 814 (multistation conference) and 815 (multistation messaging).

Version 160114

  • Major upgrade.
  • User parameters are included into the system parameters. So that, user parameter upload and download options are removed.
  • Be aware that, all user parameters are erased with this upgrade. User parameters are needed to be entered again.
  • Be aware that, all system parameters are kept but converted to a new format. This new format is not resolved by older Xymphony versions.
  • First backup user and system parameters before upgrade.

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