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Version 151102

  • Web pages display the system name on the top.

Version 151021

  • Support for 8 port digital subscriber board.

Version 151016

  • New options (from 3 to 9) for hotel room status.

Version 150901

  • Major Upgrade.
  • With this upgrade PX24M rev.6 systems are renamed to PX24M rev.7 systems.
  • Many performance improvements.

Version 150815

  • Improvements in traffic handling capabilities.
  • Dyndns option removed from basic ethernet settings.

Version 150610

  • Register Expires duration is changed to 7.5 minutes
  • Temporary license duration is increased from 4 days to 7 days.

Version 150527

  • Control Program/Reboot/Reboot when traffic terminates implemented. If Reboot when traffic terminates is selected, Xymphony waits for all traffic to terminate, then reboots.

Version 150520

  • In Common properties, Call hold protocol implemented.
  • The last synchronization time and date is shown in SIP entities' pages similar to digital subscribers.

Version 150317

  • Changes in embedded Telesis WebPhone service according to new Java security polices. For a proper operation, date of the computer trying to access Telesis WebPhone service must also be correct.

Version 150302

  • The conference (in a conference room) may long up to 80 minutes. Previously, each conference was limited to 55 minutes.

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