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Version 121211

  • In SIP, BLF (Busy Lamp Field) support according to RFC 4235. That allows SIP phones with to follow the busy status of up to 256 user in the Telesis PBX system.

Version 121102

  • Software modules added to support some new chipsets for DVR hardware.

Version 120910

  • Although it is not standard, Xymphony can process an ETSI FSK modulated signal carrying Bellcore SDMF Caller ID message during the first long silent period between two ring patterns.

Version 120903

  • Major Modification in XymphonyNR6. With this firmware, 2 (TWO) channel VoIP-TDM gateway channels become a standard feature in PX24N rev.6 IP PBX systems. Users may start get the benefits of IP-TDM telephony free of charge without purchasing any licenses. To remark, VoIP-TDM gateway channel capacity for the PX24N is fixed to 2 (TWO). No increase is possible with adding licenses.
  • Polish text is displayed on LCD of VTS480 IP video phone and DTS480 digital phone if the PBX system language is set to Polish.
  • Even if Declare external IP address is marked in Basic Ethernet settings page, the system declares the local IP address as the source provided that connected remote peer declares the same (the local IP address).

Version 120820

  • For an incoming call to VTS480 or DTS480 telephone, if the calling party number matches to a telephone number stored in the Telesis IP PBX directory, the name corresponding to this telephone number is displayed on the DTS480 or VTS480 screen.
  • For DTS480 digital phones, handsfree loudspeaker volume is increased.

Version 120525

  • By default, when the IP address of the PX24N is edited ( in a web browser, Telesis WebPhone page is accessed. With this Xymphony, the default WebPhone page has a predefined entry to call the user 10, which is the PX24N itself. So that, it is possible to call the PX24N through WebPhone at the initial set up.
  • English help pages are available for any language option except Turkish one (which includes Turkish help pages).
  • For SNMP NMS, Telesis private MIB is available for download in Basic Ethernet settings page.

Version 120522

  • German language pack added.

Version 120515

  • Xymphony now supports SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) version 1.
  • This release allows all Telesis IP PBX systems, IP telephony switches, and Stillink systems) to be managed with SNMP.
  • A new field NMS IP address in in Basic page of Ethernet paragraph.
  • NMS IP address is the IP address of the NMS (Network management system) of SNMP. Xymphony will respond requests only if they originate from this address.
  • In addition to the Telesis private MIB, the following MIB2 tables and counters have been incorporated: system, ip, icmp, tcp, udp, snmp.

Version 120412

  • A new checkbox Busy status presentation restd. in Account properties page of users. If the checkbox is marked, busy status of this user is not be presented into the busy display panel of other users. Furthermore, when this user is called on busy, its connected number (talking to)is not be presented into the LCD of other users.

Version 120405

  • The number of Auto Attendant tables for voice guided automatic call distribution is increased from 31 to 45.

Version 120316

  • An improvement for ringback tone and hold message or music in SIP calls for the PX24N.

Version 120315

  • An info field added for each common pool number entry (like name of the stored number).
  • When a DTS480 model telephone set parks a call, park number is displayed as P1, P2, P3 and P4 on its LCD. It is possible to select and pick up any parked call.

Version 120309

  • A minor modification in interpreting Ringstop call control primitive.

Version 120303

  • When a 480 model phone (DTS480 or VTS480) calls a party and if the called party is busy with a third party, the number of this third party is displayed on 480 model phone.

Version 120228

  • Major Modification in XymphonyNUMS and XymphonyNR6. With this firmware, one channel WebPhone service becomes a standard feature in PX24N rev.5, PX24N rev.6, PX24U, and PX24M IP PBX systems. Users may start get the benefits of Telesis WebPhone service free of charge without purchasing webphone license. Channel capacity increase is possible with adding licenses.

Version 120218

  • The first public release of XymphonyNR6.
  • A new checkbox, Set from-username field to Cli is implemented in SIP Common properties of a SIP user. Applicable for Registrar/Gatekeeper type Local or No. If the checkbox is not marked, Xymphony sends calling line identification information in display field of from header, user name field is used for sending account. If the checkbox is marked, user name field of from header is filled with cli information. This feature may be helpful if the peer is not interpreting the calling line in display field properly. For signalling between two Xymphony systems, checkbox should never be marked.

Version 120215

  • A performance improvement in Multistation calls.

Version 120211

  • A minor modification.

Version 120114

  • A minor modification in generating auto voice records.

Version 111225

  • Support for DTS480 digital telephones and VTS480 IP Video Telephones.
  • No early media for og. calls option is implemented in H323 Common properties. It is applicable for outgoing calls. If the checkbox is marked, received open logical channel message before reception of connect message will not start media reception. Xymphony plays appropriate internal cadence when necessary (i.e. ring back). Mark the checkbox if the peer do not send rtp packets after opening logical channel or the content in rtp is not appropriate.
  • If the participant of a 3-pty conference or conference group is marked as auto-voice recorded then its conference call is recorded too. Previously only two-party calls have been recorded in auto voice recording.

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