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Version 111225

  • No early media for og. calls option is implemented in H323 Common properties. It is applicable for outgoing calls. If the checkbox is marked, received open logical channel message before reception of connect message will not start media reception. Xymphony plays appropriate internal cadence when necessary (i.e. ring back). Mark the checkbox if the peer do not send rtp packets after opening logical channel or the content in rtp is not appropriate.
  • If the participant of a 3-pty conference or conference group is marked as auto-voice recorded then its conference call is recorded too. Previously only two-party calls have been recorded in auto voice recording.

Version 111205

  • The previously available Declare external IP address parameter is moved under Basic parameters page of Ethernet properties.

Version 111121

  • If set, FTP client in Telesis systems connects to the FTP server more frequently to transfer automatic voice records. This results in quick availability of automatic voice records in the FTP server

Version 111012

  • A minor modification in syntax.

Version 110916

  • Multistation Call feature now supports digits to be dialed. Consequently, you may also type the digits to be dialled after the seizure in Multistation Call group. For proper operation, be sure that the interface generates connect message to call control (like 12Khz carge signal on DC loop trunks). As a result, external calls are possible in Multi station call, Multi station conference and Multi station voice msg. law actions.

Version 110910

  • A small improvement for an IP phone to pick up an incoming VoIP call to another IP phone.

Version 110901

  • A new checkbox Disable overlap receiving is available in Common properties page of a SIP connection. Applicable for incoming calls when calling party address in received INVITE message is not sufficient to complete the call. If the checkbox is marked, Xymphony response is 484 Address Incomplete. If the checkbox is not marked, Xymphony response is 200 OK. Remaining digits to complete the call is expected as INFO method or RTP payload.

Version 110804

  • Transmit audio gain in digital sets is increased.

Version 110612

  • This is the latest stable release for PX24N rev.5 systems.

Version 110530

  • Some additions to Polish text in integrated web pages.

Version 110501

  • New attendants are implemented for auto attendant scenarios.
  • New attendants: Multiple RouteCmp msg (Route Campon Messages). Number of the System message to be played if the call is camped on to a route (i.e. Routing/Route/Campon if no channel is selected as Campon with system message), used after terminating auto attendant
  • New attendant: Fax detected. If fax tone is detected while playing the main message, call attempt is forwarded to the digits in this textbox. To disable fax detection, leave the box empty.
  • New attendant: V-mail bsy msg.. If call forwarding busy is used, number of the System message to be played before voice mail recording. Used after terminating auto attendant. Applicable if voice mail receiving user do not have personal greeting message.
  • New attendant: V-mail na. msg.. If call forwarding no answer is used, number of the System message to be played before voice mail recording. Used after terminating auto attendant. Applicable if voice mail receiving user do not have personal greeting message. If the position of the call in campon queue is between 1-5, relevant message is played else RouteCmp msg. * is played.
  • Temporary licensing is implemented. In Edit page of License paragraph, an Apply button may appear for a Telesis system, which has not been licensed yet. During initial system deployment, while waiting for the license file as *.xop, a temporary license can be applied. After applying the temporary license, all features of the platform will be available for several days. Press Apply key to start the temporary licensing feature. Status paragraph Info page displays the remained time for the temporary license expiration. Temporary licensing is applicable only once for a Telesis systems having a unique identification number.

Version 110415

  • Some improvements in embedded online help system.

Version 110402

  • Translation table of SIP response codes to ITU-T Q.850 release codes is implemented according to RFC 4497. This implementation - together with the existing alternate routing capability according to release codes - allows SIP calls to be routed to alternate routes depending on the received SIP response codes.
  • A new link SIPcauses in Interworking paragraph displays the translation table of SIP response codes to ITU-T Q.850 release codes.
  • A new checkbox Fast echo canceller is available in Media page of Ethetnet paragraph. If the box is checkmarked, embedded line echo canceller adapts (converges) fast but if the echo tail is too long, it may not cancel echo completely.

Version 110305

  • Cmdr client and Adjunct server XAPI library (2.0) function calls supported.
  • A new response charge pulse limit from the adjunct server is accepted. This new response may be useful for implementing pre-paid billing servers for Telesis systems with using the adjunct protocol communication.

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