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Used for listing users and viewing or editing their definitions.

It also enables some new sub-functions as shown below.

Furthermore, right mouse click over a marked definition allows easy access to some sub-functions like Edit, Change list format, Change sort order as shown below.

Click on any selected user (who already exist in the Telesis system with a unique access code) to edit its definitions like Name, Surname, Title, Departments, Sections, Email, and Comment. Or use XTools Edit Function for the same purpose.

After complete, click on Apply button to apply edited fields.

Note that Port access code and Total charge pulses are read-only fields. If desired, Port access code can be modified with Xymphony programming.

Change list format may be used for listing either users' definitions in detail or users' charge pulse counters in detail.

Change sort order changes the list order either:

according to Ac. code (i.e., port access code) in ascending order or

according to Surname in ascending order.

Select all marks all users as selected. Selected users are with * in Sel row.

In CMDR browser and Voice recording browser functions, filtering may be applied for selected users. That is, call or voice records of only selected users may be listed (if the filter is set). See below for filtering application for selected users with CMDR browser Select function.

Select none removes marks for all users. So that, none of the users are selected.

Toggle selection may be used for selecting and deselecting users individually.

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