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Used for listing or editing calling number definitions.

It also enables some new sub-functions as shown below.

To add a new record (i.e., a new dialed number definition), click on Add button.

Edit Name and Number fields. With this definition, it would be possible to use names instead of calling number in CMDR records. Comment field is the optional informative field.

If Acknowledged is Enabled in a definition, calls incoming from this Number may be filtered out in CMDR records.

If Acknowledged is Enabled in a definition, calls incoming from this Number may be defined as free of charge calls in CMDR records.

With CMDR browser Select function;

If Replace digits is set to Calling number, and

If Acked calls, free checkbox is marked

Then calls for Acknowledged Enabled Calling number are not charged in reports.

After complete, click on Apply button to apply edited fields.

The new record appears in listing window.

* mark in Ack column in listing window indicates that Acknowledged option in definitions is enabled for the record.

Right mouse click over a marked definition allows access to Change sort order function as shown below. Change sort order changes the list order either:

according to Number (calling number digit sequence) in ascending order or

according to Name definition in ascending order.

After marking a row, click on Edit button to view and edit its definitions.

After marking a row, click on Delete button to permanently delete this record or definition from the database.

Deleted records disappear from the listing window.

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