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xSIP (eXtended SIP) protocol has been developed by Telesis A.S. The main purpose of its development is to make some value-added services in Telesis systems to be applicable for VoIP calls too. Presently, Telesis offers telephones and softphoneswith xSIP protocol. All xSIP products bring the comfort of Telesis digital sets over IP. Almost all the functions of Telesis digital telephones are also applicable over IP. To illustrate, VTS480 and XPhone are with a busy display panel showing the current status (idle, busy, ringing, etc.) of 120 pre-programmed users in a Telesis Hybrid IP PBX.

Beyond the comfort and availability of value-added services, xSIP also allows secure communication with utilizing AES 256 Media Encryption. Telesis Business Phone Systems, TDM-IP Telephony Switches, as well as VTS480 Executive IP Video Telephone Sets (or XPhone VoIP softphones PC edition) support AES-256 over xSIP protocol. xSIP calls do not need any special setting. If the license is installed, all xSIP calls of XPhone, Xphone mobile (running on Windows mobile hand held equipment) and VTS821 (TELESIS IP phone) are encrypted. xSIP user is always informed on the display that the call is encrypted.

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