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Xymphony Discovery Protocol (XDP) is a discovery protocol that has been integrated into Telesis PX24, X1, Stillink IP systems and Telesis IP telephones.

XDP allows system servicemen and administrators to quickly and easily locate Telesis IP systems and IP phones in a network. XDP is especially useful when maintaining Telesis systems in a multi-vendor network environment, which has a limited information only.

With Multicasting, the freeware Telesis XTools Utility delivers discovery information to all Telesis IP systems and IP phones simultaneously. Accordingly, these may return with their:

  • Mac addresses,
  • IP addresses,
  • Web server port numbers,
  • Platform types (PX24N, PX24U, PX24M, PX24X, Stillink, ...),
  • Subnet masks,
  • Gateway addresses,
  • Easy setup status (enabled or disabled),
  • Xymphony or firmware versions,
  • Given system names,


Furthermore, XDP brings some other functionalities to Telesis IP systems like easy programming of the system settings and resolving IP address conflicts.

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