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This project is released under Telesis AS Simplified BSD License.

XCom and Xymphony cooperation is based on XApi 2.11 protocol specification. Client side implementation of this protocol can be found in xapidll dynamic link library.

Freeware XCom application uses this library to perform core XApi functions. Software developers that need to access XApi services of Xymphony like XCom can use XapiDll.dll. To help this process, Telesis AS developed the XApi project.

Furthermore, XApi library supports CMDR client and Adjunct Server api functions.

The library presents this api to Windows applications as easy to use simple functions. It is compatible with Windows 98 SE, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Compatibility of the library with Visual C 6.0, Visual studio 2005 and Visual studio 2010 compilers are tested.

The project has been developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. You should install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 on your computer if you want to compile and run the application. You can find the solution file XApi.sln in the XApi project directory. You can download the latest version of the application (version 2.11) in this wiki page.

The project is a dialog based MFC application that demonstrates the usage of various XApi calls. Application developers may use it as a startup project.

Xymphony firmware should be at least at least 100820 to support XAPI 2.10 companion client protocol. It should be at least 110305 or later to support cmdr client and adjunct server api functions.

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