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2.x1g.urn0cpm Height: 6U

1.x1g.rak0psm Height: 6U

2.x1g.urn0xpm Height: 6U

1.x1g.kabinet Height: 36U

1.x1g.kabinet may have maximum 5 units of 6U racks in any type (2.x1g.urn0xpm or 2.x1g.urn0cpm or 1.x1g.rak0psm). Leave 2U space from the top and 1U space in between the racks.

2.x1g.urn0cpm control racks are the bottom racks 2.x1g.urn0xpm racks are over the 2.x1g.urn0cpm racks (if any) 1.x1g.rak0psm is the topmost rack

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