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Telesis system acts as a client and periodically tries to connect to an FTP server to transfer automatic voice (conversation) recordings in compressed or uncompressed format. In case of compression (for Telesis systems licensed with VoIP codecs), the codec to be used for decompression is VivoActive G.723.1. Otherwise, i.e., uncompressed transmission, the A-Law codec is used. Note that uncompressed one-minute record occupies 480 KB disk space while a compressed one occupies 60 KB disk space. The archiving device can be any FTP server on any operating system. Each conversation record, which is uploaded to the archiving FTP server, has a clear file name. The file name indicates:

  • the access code of the user, on which the conversation is recorded
  • starting time of recording as year, month, day, hours, minutes, seconds
  • a mark if the call is an originated one
  • a mark if the call is a terminated one
  • the account id (if available)
  • the access code of B party
  • numbers dialed by the originating user
  • the caller id from originating user

Consequently, software enthusiasts (from novice to professional) may easily develop their own applications, which may index, filter, report uploaded conversation records.

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