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Xymphony Version

Telesis WebPhone service is available in Xymphony version 100201 or later. Telesis system owners may update Xymphony firmware in their systems in order to get the benefits of the WebPhone service. Xymphony releases supporting the WebPhone service are available for download at the Telesis Download Center.

XTools Version

XTools version 1.03 or later should be used for Telesis systems having Xymphony version 100201 or later. XTools release for new Xymphony versions are available for download at the Telesis Download Center.

Licensing and Activation

Telesis WebPhone service operates only if the relevant Telesis system is either

  • licensed with w.pxf.lscwp02 and/or w.pxf.lscwp05 licenses appropriately. The license w.pxf.lscwp02 allows two concurrent web calls. Whereas, the license w.pxf.lscwp05 allows five concurrent web calls. The concurrent web call capacity may be increased with installing additional w.pxf.lscwp02 and/or w.pxf.lscwp05 licenses, or
  • activated with registration (for the PX24N rev.5)

Important: With XymphonyNUMS 120228 and XymphonyNR6 120228, one channel webphone service became a standard feature for PX24N (rev.5 and rev.6), PX24U, and PX24M systems.


For a Telesis system, web pages for programming is accessed from xp.asp page in the root of the domain name (or IP address) of the Telesis system (by default it is

Be aware that the root directory (or homepage) of the domain name (or IP address) of the Telesis system (by default it is or rseults in either

  • an error page for the Telesis system, which is not licensed or activated for the WebPhone service


  • webphone page if the Telesis system is licensed or activated for the WePhone service.

Access Security

Whenever, a Telesis system is licensed or activated for the WebPhone service, Admin Login ID and Admin Password must be defined in the Telesis system for access authentication. Otherwise, the WebPhone does not operate. In other words, web pages for programming (xp.asp) must be first password protected in order to utilize the WebPhone Service.

Visitor Profile

WebPhone calls incoming to a Telesis system are SIP visitor calls. This being the case, the SIP visitor (for instance, by default visitor access code is 1496 in PX24X systems) profile should be set accordingly. Two important parameters are Codec and Call capacity in Common properties page. Codec list box should include G.711 codecs. And, the Call capacity textbox must be greater than or equal to the concurrent web call capacity (which are defined by the installed licenses). Furthermore, call class for the visitor and its routing parameters must be carefully set.

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