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Telesis DTS480, VTS480, DTS821 and ITS821 telephone sets, as well as the PX24N IP PBX, have 30 speed dialing (or quick-access) keys. These keys are numbered 00 to 29, each key is equipped with its own back-light.

Quick Access Keys on the DTS480 and VTS480

Quick Access Keys on the DTS821, ITS821 and PX24N

When a key is double clicked, phone goes to handsfree mode, and a string of digits -user predefined and saved for the key- is dialed. If the saved number for the key coincides with a local extension of the same Telesis PBX then the key back-light functions as the indicator for that port's state such as idle, ringing, busy or out of order. Thus, the Speed Dial Keys part of the set also serves as a busy display panel (BDP). The Speed Dial Keys are also called Quick Access Keys. The key's light and implied port states are listed below.

There are four levels or pages of memory for the Speed Dialing Keys. The Shift key is used to change between the pages and the currently active page is indicated by the four back-lit states (unlit, fast blink, slow blink and lit continuously) of the Shift key. Speed Dialing Keys can hold a separate number in each level of the memory. Each page acts as a separate page of also the BDP as described above.

Back-lighting Status

offuser idle
slow flashringing
fast flashunavailable
continuous onoccupied

Alphabetic Keyboard

Speed Dialing Keys are also used for entering the string of characters of a text. The assigned character is printed in red next to the two digit number on each key. Whether a press of a key is interpreted as a quick access function or a single character depends on what feature of the telephone set is being used by the user. For example, the keys will function as characters while searching names in the Directory.
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