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Discontinued Product. Click on the new model Digital or IP Telephones to the left.

Flash key is to hold the call before transfer or consultation. Pressing the key again retrieves the held call. Trans key is to transfer a held call to another destination. +/- keys are to increase and decrease volume and ringer volume. Rec key is to record a personal conversation bi-directionally (i.e., both calling and called party’s voices are recorded). In conversation state, pressing Rec key starts recording and the key is lighted (ON). When the key is pressed again, recording stops and the key lights OFF. During the same conversation record function can be used several times for multiple and partial recordings.

Note: Certain parts of the software which deliver particular functionality to a particular Telesis PBX or switching system are technologically secured to prevent their unlicensed use. The licensed optional parts should be enabled as detailed in technical documents of the relevant Telesis PBX or switching system. Otherwise the optional parts of the software terminate a short time after the Telesis PBX or switching system is turned on. Personal conversation recording with using Rec key may also need your Telesis PBX or switching system to have additional hardware, programming and/or licensing.

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