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Discontinued Product. Click on the new model Digital Telephones to the left.

DTS200S is a good match for economy and utility. DTS200S offers the comfort of digital voice quality as well as numerous value added services like one-key-touch personal conversation recording.

DTS200S is connected and powered by a single pair of wires. The set handles multiple calls simultaneously, such as receiving a new call while keeping another on hold.

A few of easy-to-use functions with the DTS200S are:

  • in idle state:
  • in other states:
    • deflecting calls
    • activating call back
    • holding calls on
    • retrieving calls
    • transferring calls
    • tracing transferred calls (up to 4 calls)
    • activating conference
    • recording the conversation bi-directionally (both calling and called party voices)

Intelligent algorithms within the operating system of the Telesis Hybrid IP PBX Business Phone System and X1 make the firmware upgrade of DTS200S digital sets automatic whenever new features are added in time. Furthermore, since all the user parameters are stored in the system, replacing and / or upgrading a DTS200S digital set does not require any re-programming.

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