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7' LCD touchscreen of the DTS7 may display several informative icons. Some of these icons are:

Automatic firmware upgrade is in progress
AES256 media encryption is active
Incoming call, telephone is ringing
Telephone is busy with no held call
Telephone is busy with a held call
Telephone is busy with a waiting call
Telephone is off-hook without connection for an extended period of time. Howler tone may be heard.
Night service is activated
Telephone is password locked
Do not disturb is activated
Delayed hot line is activated
Telephone is call forwarded unconditionally
Telephone is call forwarded on busy
Telephone is call forwarded on no-answer
Telephone is route forwarded
A headphone is connected
Call waiting is enabled
Reminder service is activated
There is a waiting call back
There is a voice mail or personal conversation record in the private box
Private voice mail or recording box is full
Telephone initiated call back service and periodic call access trials proceeding
Telephone initiated an automatic call, it is proceeding
Telephone is camped on
Call is intruded
Mute function is activated
Personal conversation is being recorded
Shift state is 1
Shift state is 2
Shift state is 3
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