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7 series telephone sets hava easy-to-use access menu keys and numerous dedicated keys for various telephony tasks and personnel settings. It has a large color touchscreen.

There are 9 navigation keys for menu functions. OK key is to operate or confirm a selection within the menu. Up, Down, Right and Left keys are used to display menu selections and navigate within the menu. ESC key is to leave the menu or cancel a selection. DEL key is to delete the data edited (such as numbers) whenever it is necessary. +/- keys are to increase and decrease volume and ringer volume.

Speaker key starts the handsfree function. Mute key starts the mute function. During the mute state, the telephone stops transmitting voice towards the other party in conversation. 

Record key is to record a personal conversation bi-directionally (i.e., both calling and called party’s voices are recorded). In conversation state, pressing Record key starts recording. When the key is pressed again, recording stops. During the same conversation record function can be used several times for multiple and partial recordings. 

Redial key is used for re-dialing, Disc key is used for disconnecting the call, and Conf key is used for creating a conference.

Flash key is to hold the call before transfer or consultation. Pressing the key again retrieves the held call. Transfer key is to transfer a held call to another destination.

Directory key is used for accessing the phone directory of the Telesis phone system. Headset key is used for switching voice/conversation to microphone / headset (assuming these are connected) in handsfree mode. Callback key is used for to activate callback function when the called party is busy or does not answer. Intrude key is used by authorized personnel for intruding to an existing conversation.

P1 key is for parking/unparking a conversation to/from the park position 1. P2 key is for parking/unparking a conversation to/from the park position 2. P3 key is for parking/unparking a conversation to/from the park position 3. P4 key is for parking/unparking a conversation to/from the park position 4.


The status/message led may have four states:

Led is Off: On-hook state
Led blinks fast: There is an incoming call
Led is On: Off-hook state
Led blinks slow: Lost call or there is a message in VMail box or there is a personal conversation record


LCD screen may display several Menu icons. Whenever they are active or selected, these icons are accompanied with their text definitions too. Some of these icons are:

Menu Icons in Idle State
Connected calls 
Missed calls 
Dialled numbers 
Call settings 
Setting Do Not Disturb function 
Setting Call Waiting function 
Setting Unconditional Call Forwarding function 
Setting Call Forwarding Busy function 
Setting Call Forwarding on No Answer function 
Setting Hotline function 
Setting Reminder - Wakeup function 
Phone settings 
Setting handset volume 
Setting speakerphone volume 
Setting ringer volume 
Setting ringer melody 
Setting headset 
Setting speed dial or quick access keys 
About Xymphony
Menu Icons in Other States like Ringing, Conversation 
Deflect incoming call 
Hold connected call 
Retrieve held call 
Call transfer 
Accept waiting call 
Establish 3-pty conference 
Disconnect 2nd party and talk to 1st party in conference 
Disconnect 1st party and talk to 2nd party in conference 


LCD screen may display several informative icons. Meanings of all available icons are explained under the embedded Help page of the telephone set. Some of these icons are:

Automatic firmware upgrade is in progress 
AES256 media encryption is active for VTS480 telephone 
Incoming call, telephone is ringing 
Telephone is busy with no held call 
Telephone is busy with a held call 
Telephone is busy with a waiting call 
Telephone is off-hook without connection for an extended period of time. Howler tone may be heard. 
Night service is activated 
Telephone is password locked 
Do not disturb is activated 
Delayed hot line is activated 
Telephone is call forwarded unconditionally 
Telephone is call forwarded on busy 
Telephone is call forwarded on no-answer 
Telephone is route forwarded 
A headphone is connected 
Call waiting is enabled 
Reminder service is activated 
There is a waiting call back 
There is a voice mail or personal conversation record in the private box 
Private voice mail or recording box is full 
Telephone initiated call back service and periodic call access trials proceeding 
Telephone initiated an automatic call, it is proceeding 
Telephone is camped on 
Call is intruded 
Mute function is activated 
Personal conversation is being recorded 
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