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Depending on your system specifications, components that come with your order may vary, please check your shipping list for a full description of what was included in your package.

  • Stillink 200
  • AC Mains cord
  • Gray colored cross-connected ethernet cable (may be used for direct connection between a computer and the Stillink 200)
  • Yellow or blue colored direct-connected ethernet cable (may be used connection between the Stillink 200 and a modem, router, hub, switch etc)
  • E1 cables each having one side RJ45 connector ended and other side with open wires(transmit and receive pairs are marked)
  • A short E1 test cable, both sides ended with RJ45 connectors (for loop connection between two E1 interfaces)
  • Manual
  • CD, which may include your licenses, some utilities etc.
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