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General Information About the Stillink 200

With dual E1 interfaces that allow connections to the PSTN with SS7, V5.2, DSS1 Euro ISDN, QSIG, R1, R2, CIS Signaling (CL-1B, OCL-1B, TCL-1B, CL-1VF, OCL-1VF, TCL-1VF, SL/ZSL, SLM), and other CAS signaling and an ethernet interface for VoIP calls, the Stillink 200 is the perfect solution if you are looking into updating an existing telecommunications network, migrating to the VoIP technology or building a network that is ready for the future.

The Stillink 200 is capable of making signaling conversion among any of E1 interfaces as well as routing TDM calls to VoIP calls and vice versa.

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