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  • Make sure to keep cards in their electrostatically safe conductor bags when they are not installed in the system.
  • Turn off the system and make sure the power supply LED is not lit. Failure to do so might damage your cards and your backplane resulting in system failure.
  • Before handling cards, make sure you are electrostatically discharged by wearing an electrostatic bracelet or touching a metal object such as a radiator or a tap.
  • On the back of the card there is a male connector with multiple pins. Make sure that none of these pins are bent or damaged.
  • Hold the card with two hands, component side facing right, push it gently through the guides in the upper and lower part of the cabinet all the way until it clicks as the connector on the card mounts to the connector on the backplane. The cleats on the upper and lower side of the card should secure tightly into the holes in the rack.
  • Never apply pressure, or force the cards into place, doing so may damage the connector pins causing a short circuit and resulting in system failure. If necessary, gently push the card to the left or to the right to align the connectors.
  • To take out a card, push simultaneously on the cleats and pull with both hands, making sure you do not touch the components on the face of the card.
  • Upload relevant license file to operate installed hardware.
  • Visit System/License page to verify uploaded license file covers all installed hardware
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