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Discontinued Product. This page is for the PX24U r5 (revision 5). Click on the new model PX24M rev.6 (revision 6).


The Telesis PX24U Hybrid IP PBX System should be installed and serviced only by qualified personnel who has the necessary training about electrical equipment, and who understands the hazards that can arise when working on this type of equipment.

Finding Suitable Place for Installation

The installation site should be bright enough for ease of operation to the maintenance personnel. The site should have enough space. The system should be installed in a room where there is not too much occupancy. Finding a quite location for the operators telephone will reduce occupational strain on the working operator. Batteries that are connected to the system should be in a well ventilated area not too far away from the system. The 220 VAC mains connection should be grounded, the power should not be interrupted except for power outages. The ambient environmental conditions should be within the range of:

  • Temperature range: 0-40 C
  • Humidity range: %0-85 (non-condensing)

Ensure that the installation site does not contain:

  • High voltage lines, smoke, dust, gas or radiation (such as a generator, photocopier etc.)
  • Radio equipment that generates or emits high level signals
  • Sever, pipes, or valves that could leak or cause condensation
  • Vibration causing equipment
  • Exposure heat sources or direct sunlight


To ensure long operational life to your system and your safety, the 220 VAC outlet that connects to the system AC-DC power converter should provide phase-ground and phase-neutral voltage difference no more that 5V. Any auxiliary equipment that is connected to the system (such as a printer or a maintenance PC terminal) should use the same ground of the AC-DC power converter. Power Specifications of the AC-DC Power Converter

Input and output power specifications for the PX24U are:

  • Input: 180 - 240 VAC
  • Output:54 VDC (1.3 Amp)
This system should be installed and serviced only by qualified personnel who has the necessary training about electrical equipment, and who understands the hazards that can arise when working on this type of equipment.
The AC-DC power converter needs to be connected a grounded mains socket.
External lines or outside lines that could be exposed to environmental conditions should be protected with secondary protective circuitry.
The MDF should be grounded. This ground should not be connected to the ground terminal of any other equipment (such as lightning ground, electrical transformer ground etc.)
The battery to system connection should be made with a special cable supplied by Telesis.
To minimize the risk of electrostatic damage to the system, serviceman should discharge of electrostatic buildup by wearing a shielded bracelet or take other necessary before handling electrostatic sensitive parts such as cards.
This system is to be used in controlled environments where humidity and ambient temperature is maintained within working specifications and necessary precautions should be taken before leaving the equipment un-attendant.
Disconnect all power sources from the system before servicing.
Do not remove or install cards to the system when it is powered up.
Attach all covers in place after servicing system and before leaving the customer premises to avoid customer contact with damageable components.
Any auxiliary equipment that is connected to the system should be set up according to its installation guide.

Front and Side Views of the PX24U

1 - Ethernet connector
2 - RJ11 connectors for analog subscribers (FXS). Default access codes are from 132 to 143 (right to left)
3 - RJ11 connectors for analog CO trunks (FXO). Default access codes are from 116 to 119 (right to left)
4 - RJ11 connectors for digital subscribers. Default access codes are from 100 to 103 (right to left)
5 - AC-DC power converter connector
6 - Fuse
7 - Connector for optional battery
8 - Status led
9 - Service button
10 - Parameter button

AC-DC Power Converter and Battery Connection

PX24U systems have no ON/OFF switch. AC-DC power converter is directly connected to the power socket on the front panel. Be aware that AC-DC power converter is specially designed for the PX24U. Never use any adapter or power converter except the one supplied by Telesis. Otherwise, you may damage your system.

You must always connect the AC-DC power converter to a grounded mains socket. Otherwise your system may not operate properly.

The power supply of the PX24U may be backed up with batteries. The recommended batteries for a 5-6 hour backup time is 5AH (Amper Hours), 48V. Using a battery group consisting of four dry, gel, maintenance-free batteries, each with 12Volts 5 AH, may be a good option. For battery to PX24U system connection, use the battery connection cable supplied by Telesis.

Connect the cable to the battery socket on the front panel. Red terminal on the other end of the cable is connected to the + pole of the battery and blue (or black) terminal is connected to - pole of the battery.

Replacing the Fuse

Disconnect all power sources (batteries and AC-DC power converter) from the PX24U. Unscrew the fuse holder.

Replace the broken fuse with a new one (2Amp).

Place the new fuse into the fuse holder and screw it. Connect all power sources to the system again.

Certain parts of the software which deliver particular functionality to a particular optional feature or service are technologically secured to prevent their unlicensed use. An unlicensed feature or service be enabled or licensed as detailed in technical documents. Otherwise the operation of the feature or service terminates a short time after the PX24U system is turned on.

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