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Connectors of PX24N Nano rev.7:

  • A0-A7: RJ11 connectors for analog subscribers (FXS). Default access codes are from 11 to 18.
  • B0-B3: RJ11 connectors for analog CO trunks (FXO). Default access codes are from 20 to 23.
  • Power: Connector for power adapter.
  • Microphone: External microphone connector.
  • Headphone: External headset speaker connector.
  • Handset: Handset connector.
  • Ethernet: 10-100 BaseT Ethernet connector.
  • Relay: Multi purpose relay. With a routing law, this relay becomes active for a short time. With using the relay, it is possible to command various home and office equipment.

Restarting the System with Factory Defaults:

To start with factory default settings, power up the system while the ESC and DEL keys are pressed hold together. Be aware that the keys must be hold pressed until the system starts. The factory default IP address of the system is and the web server port address is 80. There is no login name or password for web browser connection. Last saved parameter file is still there, but not used during startup.

Restarting the System in Service mode:

To activate the service mode, power up the system while the Spkr key is pressed hold. Be aware that the key must be held pressed until the status/message LED on the system blinks fast and the screen displays booting screen image; our Earth. The IP address of the system in service mode is the factory default address, which is and the web server port address is 80. The web server of the system waits for a web browser connection within 2 minutes in service mode. If there will be no connection in this period, the system starts up in normal operation mode. So that, connect to the system within 2 minutes using a web browser to access Home Page of the service mode. There is no login name or password for the service mode web browser connection. Service mode can be used to upload Xymphony or remove user recording files.

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