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This page is for the PX24N Nano r6 (revision 6)


Operational softwareXymphony PX24N r6
Maintenance and administrationOver IP; web and/or SNMP and/or Telesis proprietary
Operating voltage230 VAC
CPU TypeHigh Speed DSPs
Analog Subscriber (FXS) Interfaces8
Analog Subscriber (FXS) Loop Impedance1200 ohms
Analog Trunk (FXO) Interfaces4
Ethernet interface10/100 BaseT
Integrated Digital Voice Recorder (DVR)Yes
Integrated CMDR bufferYes
Integrated Xymphony - API ServerYes
Microsoft TAPI 2.1 SupportYes
Integrated Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)Yes
Integrated Voice Mail ServerYes
Integrated ETSI FSK modemYes
Integrated Conference ServerYes
Integrated WEB ServerYes
Integrated H.323 GatekeeperYes
Integrated SIP RegistrarYes
Integrated xSIP RegistrarYes
Integrated FTP ClientYes
Legacy PBXYes
Pure IP PBXYes
Hybrid IP PBXYes
Physical Specifications
LCD TypeColor TFT
LCD Resolution480x272
LCD ProtectionPMMA
External Microphone JackPopular 3.5mm TS connector
External Meadphone JackPopular 3.5mm TS connector
Stand and Handset Plastic Thickness3mm
Stand MountDesktop Mount or Wall Mount
Stand Mount AngleContinuously Adjustable
Number of Keys64 keys in total
Navigation KeysYes
Quick Access KeysBacklighted 30 keys for quick access (120 quick access with using the Shift key)
Busy Display PanelYes
Programmable Function KeysYes
Handsfree, Mute, Record KeysYes
Total Weight Including Handset1550 grams
Handset Weight235 grams
External Power Adapter Weight450 grams
Dimensions27.6 x 23.3 x 6.5 cm (wxhxd)
Analog subscribers (FXS)8
Digital subscriber ( PX24N itself)1
Analog DC loop trunks (FXO)4
SIP users32 independently programmable SIP users (local or remote, subsriber or trunk)
H.323 users32 independently programmable H323 users (local or remote, subscriber or trunk)
VoIP - TDM gateway channels2
Telesis xSIP users12 (1 by default, more with licensing )
Telesis WebPhone channels1 by default, more with licensing
Xymphony-API clientsunlimited
DVR (Digital Voice Recorder) recording capacity100 hours (6000 minutes)
DVR recording channels4
DVR playing channels4
DTMF transceiversnon-blocking
Caller ID transmittersnon-blocking
Caller ID receiversnon-blocking
TDM and Signaling
Dial-pulse dialing from analog subscribersYes
Dial-pulse dialing to analog trunksYes
DTMF dialing from analog subscribersYes
DTMF dialing to analog trunksYes
Caller ID transmission towards analog subscribersYes
Caller ID detection on analog trunksYes
Automatic conversation recording for TDM callsYes (with licensing)
IP Telephony
Interface10/100 BaseT
H.323 protocol, Version 5Yes
SIP Session Initiation Protocol, RFC 3261Yes
Telesis xSIP (eXtended SIP) protocolYes
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)Yes
Adjunct protocolYes
XDP (Xymphony Discovery Protocol)Yes
G.711 audio codecYes
G.723.1 (5.3 and 6.4kbps) audio codecYes
G.729, G.729AB audio codecYes
G.711 frame length10 to 90msec
G.723.1 frame length30 to 90msec
G.729, G.729AB frame length10 to 90msec
Silence Suppression (VAD)Yes
Echo Canceler G.168-2002Yes
QoS (Tos and Diffserv)Yes
T.30 Fax Pass-through for SIPYes
Programmable ports / socketsYes
MD5 authenticationYes
H.235 Baseline Security ProfileYes
H.235 Baseline Security Profile with integrityYes
Digest authenticationYes
Audio (voice) encryptionAES 256 (with licensing)
IP to TDM gateway capabilityYes
TDM to IP gateway capabilityYes
H.450 supplementary servicesYes
SIP supplementary servicesYes
API (Application Program Interface)Telesis XApi, TAPI 2.1
Automatic conversation recording for VoIP callsYes (with licensing)
Hosting Java SIP client appletYes

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