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First, we recommend you to use a UPS in order not to suffer from power interruption (especially if it is frequent). If it is not powered, your PX24N rev.6 does not operate any. However, stored programming parameters, voice records, CMDR data, etc. are still there since all these are in non-volatile memories.

Furthermore, in case of mains power failure, you may still have incoming and outgoing calls from/to a selected PSTN if you would have a simple analog telephone connected to your PX24N thanks to the availability of power failure relay.

For such operation, FXO connector B0 should be connected to the PSTN and FXS connector A0 should be connected to an analog telephone. The power failure relay inside the PX24N automatically interconnects the relevant PSTN and analog telephone in case of a power interruption.

B0 B1 B2 B3 - Connectors for FXO (analog trunk, PSTN) lines
A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 - Connectors for FXS (analog subscriber) lines

UPS Selection: Maximum power requirement for PX24N rev.6 is 100VA. While selecting a UPS, check the power value and discharge time. To illustrate, if 1 hour backup is required for a PX24N then select a UPS having 100VA power value and 1 hour discharge time. To remark, if power value of the UPS is higher than 100VA, discharge time (when used to backup PX24N) will increase linearly.

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