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This page is for the PX24N Nano r5 (revision 5)


Advanced Telesis WebPhone service (in your PX24N) can be enabled after the product activation.

After you complete your registration with success in easy installation, an activation code for your PX24N is generated at Telesis A.S. and delivered to the email address stated in your submission. The email will state something like:

Dear .......

Thank you for purchasing the Telesis IP PBX system. It is manufactured to the highest quality standards and tested vigorously to comply with requirements of its product specifications. Your registration has been completed and an activation code has been generated for your IP PBX.

Activation Code of your IP PBX is 194df36e5780a4fd15f47151f3aa6d86

For enabling some optional features in your new IP PBX, this activation code should be edited into the Activation Code box of Basic System Settings page within expert settings pages of your IP PBX. You may also see further information for the activation procedure at http:.......

Please be aware that the activation code above is unique and particular for your system. It should be used for activating your new system only.

We hope that your Telesis IP PBX will serve you well and provide you with all your communication needs now and in the future. For technical documentation and further information about Telesis systems, you may visit our web site at

Yours sincerely,

Telesis Telekomunikasyon Sistemleri San. ve Tic. A.S.

Iskitler Cad. No.68, Ankara Turkey, Tel: +90 312 3840540,

After getting the activation code, connect to the integrated web server of your PX24N.

Click on License link in Homepage.

Then, Requested-Installed licenses page opens. In this page, edit your activation code into the Registering activation key texbox and then click on Apply button next to the right.

To finalize the activation, operate Save command in Homepage System paragraph, and then operate Reboot command in Homepage Control Program paragraph.

How to be Sure if the Activation is Done Properly

Click on License link in Homepage. Requested-Installed licenses page opens. In this page, check if Installed is written right to the Registering activation key. If it is then your PX24N is activated.

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