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This page is for the PX24N Nano r6 (revision 6)


An Innovative Hybrid IP PBX in a Stylish Telephone Box

General Information About the PX24N rev.6

PX24N (Telesis Nano) revision 6 (may be referred as PX24N rev.6 or PX24N r6 or simply PX24N in documentation) is a next-generation IP PBX to home and small business market. It is designed to fit the expectations of the market now and in the future. Although most small IP PBX products miss on features, the PX24N differs. The PX24N has many features, which can be built onto large IP PBX systems only or even not.

4 analog DC loop trunks (FXO ports), 8 analog subscribers (FXS ports), and 32 IP (SIP, or H.323, or xSIP) users (local or remote, subscriber or trunk) are located in a unique box, featuring an executive digital phone too.

Easy installation without any special tools, easy administration and easy maintenance make the PX24N an ideal choice for experts as well as novices, who look for a SoHo platform. The PX24N eliminates additional hardware costs and recurring expenses.

The PX24N is a converged communications system with TDM and IP connectivity at the same time. It provides FXS, SIP, xSIP, H.323 for the local connectivity. Standard SIP and H.323 make the PX24N fully compatible with all industry standard IP devices including IP voice and video phones. Consequently, it is possible to use a mixture of legacy TDM and IP based terminals like phones in the same system. Furthermore, the PX24N offers similar features and services to both TDM and IP users, that make the life easier.

Similar to local connectivity, either provider or inter-office networking is achieved with FXO, SIP and H.323 interfacing. The PX24N can register to multiple TDM or VoIP providers at the same time. This results in flexibility for multi-path and multi-provider access applications. Telesis Advanced Routing Algorithms allow Least Cost Routing, as well as Alternate Routing, for the same or different destinations automatically.

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