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Discontinued Product

This page is for the PX24N Nano r5 (revision 5)


PC Requirements

  • Windows XP SP2 / Vista / Seven
  • 1.00GHz or better processor
  • Minimum 512mb RAM
  • Minimum 100MB free disk space
  • Voice card
  • Ethernet
  • CD driver
  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Version 6 Update 19 (Note-1)
  • Microsoft C++ Redistributable Package (Note-2)

Easy Installation Utility will not start unless JRE is already installed on your PC. JRE is the run-time portion of the freely available Java software and a copy of it is included under the JAVA directory of the Easy Installation Utility CD.

Easy Installation Utility will ask you whether to install Microsoft C++ Redistributable Package. Please click Yes if you are not sure that it is already installed on your PC. Note that; XCom, XPhone and XTools programs will not run unless Microsoft C++ Redistributable Package is installed.


Click here to download the latest version of the Easy Installation Utility CD. Depending on your internet speed, download may take several minutes. Please be patient. After download completes, you are ready to create your new Easy Installation Utility CD.

Starting the Installation

Install the CD into the CD driver of your PC. If Easy Installation utility does not start automatically then you may manually run Setup.exe in the CD. To remind you, if your PC asks confirmation to run the utility, you must allow it.

Be aware that your PC shall meet the requirements mentioned above.

At the beginning, select your language for the installation. Then click on the Installation button. In the pulldown menu, select the system model as PX24n and click on the Install button to start the installation. Follow all the steps in proceeding pages to complete your installation.


Participants may desire to translate Setup Wizard to their language with combining the resources and needed documents into Easy Setup Disc.


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