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Each PX24M rev.7 Hybrid IP PBX Business Phone System comes with the following Standard hardware and software features:

  • Xymphony operating firmware
  • New generation digital signal processors
  • Four analog DC loop trunks (i.e., CO trunks or FXO ports) with the new generation circuits
  • Two digital subscriber ports
  • Eight analog subscribers (FXS ports)
  • Three expansion slots
  • Two user controlled relay contacts (open / short) for various purposes like door opening
  • One channel Telesis WebPhone service
  • Caller ID encoders (transmitters)
  • Caller ID decoders (receivers)
  • DTMF transceivers
  • Conference hardware
  • Integrated CMDR (call records) buffer
  • Integrated LDAP server
  • Integrated DVR (digital voice recorder) with 100 hours (6000 minutes) capacity
  • Four playing and four recording channels for the DVR
  • Personal conversation recording capability
  • Integrated Voice Mail (VMail)
  • Integrated Automatic Call Distributor
  • Integrated Signaling / Protocol Analyzer
  • Integrated Web server (in various languages like Czech, English, French, Georgian, German, Polish, and Turkish)
  • SNMP management
  • Integrated API server for unlimited number of Clients. Telesis XApi and TAPI 2.1
  • Integrated H.323 gatekeeper for 160 H.323 VoIP users
  • Integrated SIP registrar for 160 SIP VoIP users
  • Integrated Telesis xSIP (eXtended SIP) registrar for numerous xSIP VoIP users
  • Integrated FTP client to upload automatic conversation records to an FTP server
  • Data link for adjunct call processing servers (XAP - Xymphony Adjunct Protocol)
  • XDP (Xymphony Discovery Protocol) support
  • Programmable Tones and Announcements
  • AC-DC power converter
  • Integrated 48 VDC Battery charger
  • Installation accessories
  • Hundreds of supplementary services for analog, digital and VoIP users
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