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  • Remember that different countries have different laws. What is legal in one country might be illegal in another one. You should be aware of the laws that apply to your country or location while recording conversations.
  • If you are recording a conversation for your own use (i.e., note taking, improving the performance of your company`s services for your clients etc.) and the recordings never go out to public, then it is very different than recording conversations and posting them to public or using the recordings in improper manner.
  • Make sure that the recordings are secure. Keep the PC running the XTools utility for downloading records or FTP server, where records are uploaded, in a safe place and accessible only by you. Take your precautions in order the records not to fall into the wrong hands.
  • Do not use the same computer or server for downloading both the CMDR and archiving conversation records. Remember that port number and IP address settings are separately programmed for downloading conversation records in Xymphony operating system and XTools utility. Always use a separate, dedicated, and safe computer for downloading conversation records.
  • In the FTP server, where conversation records are uploaded, define`Login ID`, `Password`for the access.
  • Although remote access to conversation records is possible, internet is not a safe medium. Keep the archiving computer in your LAN. Avoid remote access unless it is necessary.
  • Take all necessary precautions on your network devices to prevent unauthorized access to the records.
  • Do not make unnecessary archiving. Keep the records as short time as possible and then erase. If you do archiving, choose a proper media and keep them safe. Take all necessary precautions to avoid unauthorized access.
  • Contact your lawyer if you have any questions for your conversation recording application. Remember again that different countries have different laws.

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