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Discontinued Product. Click on the new model DTS7 Digital Telephone Set.

Provided that you have free digital subscriber interfaces (either embedded or on card) in your Telesis PBX, you are limited to the following number of sets. The limitation comes from the power consumption.

PBX ModelMaximum Number of DTS480 PhonesNotes
PX24U4The PBX Power adapter model may be either with the sticker 1.LTF48VLTEU CYS-9054*** or 1.LTF48VLTEU CYS144C-54T****
PX24M rev.55If the PBX power adapter has a sticker of 1.LTF48VLTEU CYS-9054***
PX24M rev.515If the PBX power adapter has a sticker of 1.LTF48VLTEU CYS144C-54T**** model
PX24M rev.617 
PX24X9If the PX24X has a single cabinet
PX24X19If the PX24X has two cabinets
PX24X34If the PX24X has three cabinets
PX24X49If the PX24X has four cabinets
X160 in each rackDepending on the configuration, necessary number of AC-DC converters should be added
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