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An umbrella document that describes the usage of H225.0, H245, and other related documents for delivery of packet-based multimedia conferencing services.

The applied standards for H323 umbrella protocol are H225.0 (07/2003) version 5, H235 (05/2003) version 3, H245 (07/2003) version 12, H450 (09/1997), AES FIPS PUB 197.

Telesis systems integrate both packet and circuit switching technology. A Telesis system featuring an integrated H323 Gatekeeper provides an economical way for administrators to manage a central database of phone numbers without the expense of a separate-box gatekeeper solution. Number/IP translation is performed through Telesis Advanced Routing Algorithm. Together with the integrated gatekeeper, call authorization, call management, enhanced billing functions, flexible routing algorithms and extensive business telephony features make a Telesis system serve as a feature-rich communication platform. Integrated gatekeeper allows calls to be placed direct or gatekeeper routed between H323 entities in various circumstances.

Telesis systems can register to multiple H323 gatekeepers at the same time. This allows address resolution of a Telesis system from either side and results in flexibility for multipath VoIP access applications.

Furthermore, Telesis systems are with media proxying capabilities. The integrated media proxy provides a transit point for media (audio) streams between H.323 entities. The media proxy operates only for the integrated gatekeeper routed calls in some circumstances.

While voice bridging distant offices over the IP, security of a VoIP call is guaranteed with the encryption (optional) of voice according to 256 bit AES (AES-256).

While connecting to the long distance call operator over the IP, the Telesis system may register to an external gatekeeper of the operator as an option. With the advanced routing algorithms and Alternate Routing capability, TDM calls from a terminal equipment of the system may be routed to a selected operator over the IP or PSTN. Alternate routing capability provides automatic fall back to the PSTN if the IP network is inaccessible.

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