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Important Note: Below mentioned file name format is also valid for downloaded personal conversation records and voice mail messages.

The combination of the integrated DVR hardware in a Telesis system and an external archiving device (like a PC) provides a perfect auto voice recording solution. In this solution, the integrated DVR operates as the recording buffer. To transfer conversation records to the archiving device, two protocols are available: Telesis XTools Protocol or standard FTP protocol. In either case, each record (which is sent to the archiving device) has a clear file name. Whenever, voice records are downloaded via XTools protocol, the file name consists of fields separated by `_` to describe the properties and dependencies of the relevant recording.


AAAAAAAA: access code of the recorded user, if shorter than 8 characters, '_' appended.
YYMMDD HHMMSS: starting time of recording as year, month, day, hours, minutes, seconds.
A: denotes auto recording.
D: I call originated by AAAAAAAA, O call terminated AAAAAAAA.
I: access code of B party, may be multiple characters.
N: numbers dialed by the originating user, may be multiple characters.
C: caller id from originating user, may be multiple characters.
R: Call reference of recording, may be multiple characters. Xtools uses this reference to group recordings with CMDR records.
P: IP address in hex format of Xymphony that performed the recording.




  • 3843658 is the access code of the user, which initiated the recording
  • 100118 is the date of January 18, 2010, when this recording is started
  • 145801 is time of 14:58:01, when this recording is started
  • AI indicates the recording is `auto recording` and an `incoming call` is recorded
  • 001OPERATOR is the user 001, which has also an account name as OPERATOR, has been recorded
  • 001 is the digit sequence dialed to set up the call
  • 4837583 is the caller Id received from the originator
  • 4B4F46C2 is the Cref linking this file to the CMDR database
  • C0A80541 is the Xymphony IP address in hex (that is

Possible scenario for this example:

An external Caller with the Caller ID information 4837583 called Telesis system through its trunk number 3843658 and this trunk 3843658 is marked as auto recorded in the Telesis system. Then the caller dialed 001 to access the OPERATOR (or the trunk has been already hotlined to the OPERATOR), the OPERATOR answered the call at 14:58:01 in January 18, 2010. Recording started immediately. Furthermore a CMDR record for this call has been generated in xtools.mdb database file with the reference number 4B4F46C2.

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