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By default DHCP is active. To check the IP address of the set, select Menu or Sysinfo, and then select 1.Status. IP address is displayed in 2.WAN IP.

In your web browser, edit the IP address of the set. By default, user name and password is admin. You may give a static IP address in Network/Wan page. After setting the IP address, click on Apply button and restart the set.

In Voip/Sip page, edit your Telesis system's IP address as the Server Address. Set Authentication User, Authentication Password and Sip User fields to match these programmed in your Telesis system.

In Codec Settings page, do your adjustments and codec sequence as shown below.

In your Telesis system set G.723 receive and transmit packet lengths as 30msec.

To use, BLF (Busy Lamp Field) feature, in Function Key Settings page, you may edit values column with desired access codes.

For C62 model set, extra BLF keys may be programmed in Ext Key page as shown below.

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