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Discontinued Product. Click on the new model DTS7 Digital Telephone Set.

  • Telesis proprietary firmware
  • Automatic firmware upgrade without service interruption
  • 4.3 inch color TFT LCD video display
  • Desktop or wall mount
  • Continuously tiltable stand for comfortable use
  • Full-duplex hands-free operation with advanced echo cancellation
  • Menu-driven easy operation
  • External microphone and headphone jacks
  • 64 keys in total
  • Navigation keys
  • Backlighted 30 keys for quick access (120 quick access with using the Shift key)
  • Busy Display Panel
  • Call park keys
  • Programmable function keys
  • Transfer, Flash, Mute, Conference, Disconnect, Redial etc. function keys
  • Conversation (voice) record key
  • Polyphonic ringer melodies
  • Adjustable volume and ringer levels
  • Missed calls list
  • Dialed numbers list
  • Incoming calls list
  • Directory
  • Call forward unconditional, call forward busy, call forward no-reply, hotline, call waiting, do not disturb, wake-up (reminder) call deflect, call back, call hold, call retrieve,call transfer, tracing transferred calls and many other services
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