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Telesis systems support the following types of signaling for Russian (and CIS) PSTN:

  • Two-bit channel-associated signaling
  • Single-bit channel-associated signaling
  • Two-wire / four-wire analog signaling
  • Single-frequency (1VF) signaling
  • Multifrequency Signaling

Trunk types within Telesis systems are local trunks, toll-connecting trunks, and toll-switched trunks for CIS-Russian PSTN. For all such trunk types, both two-bit and single-bit channel-associated signaling types are applicable when the interface is E1. If the interface is analog, then analog mapping of the single-bit channel-associated signaling type is applicable. For local (SL, CL) and toll-connecting (ZSL, OCL) trunks, available address- and register-signaling options are:

  • Pulse
  • Multifrequency shuttle (MFC R1 5)
  • Multifrequency packet (1, 2, 3a, 3b)

For toll-switched trunks (SLM, TCL), available address- and register-signaling options are:

  • Pulse
  • Multifrequency packet (3a, 3b)

In addition, line signals can be transmitted/received as voice frequencies. Telesis X1 Switching Systems also provide 1VF signaling for local, toll-connecting, and toll-switched trunks.

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