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A powerful feature of Xymphony concerns call charging. It is capable of prefix digit analysis of up to 16 digits.

Destination-based tariff tables can be constructed to define:

  • Unit-charge periods depending on destination
  • Unit-charge periods depending on the day of the week and time of day
  • Vacations and other special days for separate unit-charge periods
  • Fixed-charge calls
  • Charge-free calls

All unit-charge periods are specified in multiples of 100 msec (milliseconds). Hence, a unit-charge period may take a value from 100 msec to several minutes in multiples of 100 msec. Furthermore, call-charging information generated by far-end equipment can also be used.

A subscriber service (such as call forwarding, reminder) can have a separate fixed fee charge for using, activating, deactivating, or querying the service.

Call charging is processed in real time during the call. Pre-paid status within a certain amount of credit can be defined for each subscriber.

A detailed record for each call and service use may be generated by Xymphony and is transmitted to Telesis XTools Software Utility (running on the maintenance or billing PC). Each record in the database holds many details of a call.

A Telesis system has no hardware parts that require periodic maintenance. However, the call data accumulated in the system`s solid state disc should periodically be downloaded to an archiving device to create space on the system`s disc.

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