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The term Access Network (AN) refers to the network between the local exchange (or Central Office) and the subscriber. In many countries, this network is still predominantly made up of the copper-cable-based point-to-point connections. However, conventional point-to-point copper cabling has some limitations:

  • It offers limited bandwidth, which is difficult to overcome.
  • Inflexibility: both in time and types of service provided.
  • Due to star topology (from the exchange to the subscriber), reliability is limited.
  • Installation time is long.
  • It is maintenance intensive due to possible cable damage and thus costly.
  • Largely passive, making it difficult to manage.
  • Loop length limitations( ~ 10 km ).
  • Uneconomical in remote, isolated areas with low telephone densities.
  • Prone to electromagnetic interference.

To overcome the above-mentioned issues, several vendors developed AN (access network) technologies, almost all which support the V5.2 protocol in connecting to the voice-switching Local Exchanges. Some examples of new technologies based on AN with V5.2 protocol are mentioned below:

  • DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer) or Broadband Access Network Technology
  • WLL (Wireless Local Loop) Technology
  • DLC (Digital Loop Carrier) Technology

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