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In main menu, select 3.Sip Setting. Edit the IP address of the Telesis IP PBX into 1.Proxy Server and 2.Registrar Server fields. Set 4.Registrar port to 5060. Set 5.User name and 6.Display name fields to be the same as these set in Telesis IP PBX. As the last, set 8.Authentication name and 9.Password parameters to Auth id ve password defined for this user.

Press Settings button on the telephone. Select 5.Admin Menu and then press Enter, Admin password by default is 22222. If the telephone will not get automatic IP address from DHCP server then select 1.DHCP in 2. Network Settings and mark it OFF. Assign an IP address in 2.Ip address menu. Adjust 3.Subnet and 4.Gateway parameters according to your network.

Connect to the telephone with a web browser. Edit the IP adress (which is set in previous paragraph) in the address bar of the web browser. User name in connection has to be admin and password to be 22222

Click on Global SIP submenu of Advanced settings

Set Authentication name and Password parameters to Auth id ve password defined for this user in Telesis IP PBX. Edit the IP address of the Telesis IP PBX into Proxy Server, Outband Proxy Server and Registrar Server fields. Set Proxy Port, Outband Proxy Port and Registrar Port to 5060.

In Advanced SIP settings edit 110 into the Registration failed retry timer field and click on Save settingsbutton.

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