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2.x1g.urn0cpm is a 19 inch rack with the backplane board and DC-DC converter for the control and switching boards. The 2.x1g.urn0cpm has:

  • One slot for the control unit mother board (1.x10.ipen000)
  • One slot for the multi purpose DSP board (2.x1g.pai0000)
  • One slot for the additional multi purpose DSP board (2.x1g.pai0000)
  • One slot for the group switch board (1.x13.paax004 or 1.x13.paax014 or 1.x13.pae0000)
  • Some free slots for future applications

2.x1g.urn0cpm, Height: 6U

Number of units per system

One for an X1 without redundancy, two for an X1 rev.5 with redundancy.


Mounted into the main 1.x1g.kabinet (19inch cabinet to install racks).

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