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2.x1g.fad00ai the controller board for the analog interfaces rack 2.x1g.urn0xpm. It can drive up to 15 analog interface boards of any type (1.px0.dasf016, 1.px0.datfr02, 1.px0.datfr06, 1.px0.datgr02, 1.px0.datgr06 or 1.px0.demx004). The two 9-conductor D-sub connectors on the board are used to connect group switch boards (1.x13.paax004, 1.x13.paax014, or 1.x13.pae0000+paf) in the control and switching rack 2.x1g.urn0cpm. The bottom connector connects to the main control and switching rack, whereas the top one connects to the redundant control and switching rack. A sequence of LEDs provides information about the status of the board and its rack.


Number of units per system

One per each rack 2.x1g.urn0xpm.


To the right slot of the power supply unit 2.x1g.urnps05 power supply unit within the rack 2.x1g.urn0xpm.

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